Electrical Installation ⚡

Our team of experienced electricians can help you with wide variety of electrical tasks during home improvement projects including installation of main and sub electrical panels, smoke detectors, generators, surge protectors, circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, electrical outlets, garage heater, EV Chargers and more. We also offer full house rewiring solutions with minimum disruption of your house, including opening up interior walls, pulling new wires, connecting all electrical fixtures, and repair.

Electrical Repair ⚡

If breakers in your residence trip frequently, appliances malfunction or behave abnormally, ceiling lights acting strangely, some electrical outlets are unreliable or you have some power glitches, then you need to hire professional Calgary electrician for electrical troubleshooti.ng who will identify problem and find solution for you. We guarantee quick result, clean approach and quality service. Electrical emergency can appear any time and require immediate action, give us a call: We offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency troubleshoot service.

Knob And Tube Updrades ⚡

Older homes are wired using a knob and tube wiring technique which is fire hazardous and doesn’t meet present-day electric standards with heavy electric load coming from modern TVs, refrigerators, ovens, garage heaters, entertainment system, and more. In this case, electrical upgrade of your house becomes necessary. Licensed and insured Calgary Electrician can help you with knob and tube wiring replacement in Calgary and surrounding areas. We will carefully review your home's electrical system and replace any old wiring with necessarily electrical safety and industry standards.

Indoor & Outdoor Lights ⚡

If you're looking for safe and reliable installation of light fixtures, Calgary electrician will provide you with the Best Lighting Installation Service for all types of residential lights including ambient lighting, chandeliers and pendant lights, recessed and track lights, accent lighting, landscape lighting, motion sensor lights, deck lighting and more. We can help you to reduce your utility costs by installing energy efficient lights or solar lamps that will enhance the visibility and appeal of your house and increase value of your property.

Ev Chargers ⚡

Electric vehicles have become more popular nowadays and we make it easy to install and maintain ideal charging station at your home or office. Installation of EV Charger is affordable and worth the money for your convenience and increased safety. We can install Level 1 Charging Station which uses standard home outlet, 120 Volt, with 22 hours full charge cycle and Level 2 which uses 240 Volt and can charge your electric vehicle within 8 hours or less. Certified and experienced Calgary Electrician will check the capacity of your electrical panel, run conduit to where you will charge, and install your charger in accordance with all safety standards.

Electrical Outlets And Switches ⚡

Whether you need to add or relocate 220 outlets inside your house or run electrical to a backyard, you can count on us. We can install any types of household electrical power outlets or switches you need, including wall and floor receptacles, dryer and appliance outlets, weather-proof outdoor outlets, pop–up electrical outlets, recessed outlets, dimmers, lighting switches and more. Professional Calgary Electrician will run cable, install boxes, wire in switches and outlets according to electrical safety code and pull any needed electrical permits from local authority.