Calgary Electrician Installs Home Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

Why Install EV Charger In Your Home?

- It will cost only $6 to fully charge an electric vehicle (EV) with a 200-mile range and a 54 kWh battery.

- You may recharge your EV whenever it's convenient for you in the comfort of your garage, so you can start your day with a full battery.

- An EV charging station for your home can assist increase the market value of your property.

- With at-home EV charging stations, all hazards associated with public charging, driving range, and charge levels are completely eliminated, providing you with constant peace of mind.

Free In-Home Estimate

For your comfort, Calgary Electrician provides a free in-home assessment of residential EV charging needs. We will determine, if your electrical panel's capacity is for a Level 2 charger and also can provide an advice on the type of charger that will best suit your needs.

Garage Outlet Installation

Which Electric Vehicle Charging Station Is Best For You?

Currently, Level 1 and Level 2 chargers are the two main electric vehicle supply equipment alternatives available.

Level 1 charger, that plugs into a typical household outlet, is a standard feature on all electric vehicles, when they are purchased new from the dealer. They are swift but perfectly functional. With the included Level 1 charger, complete electrical vehicle charging from scratch will take about 22 hours.

Level 2 Charger greatly reduces charging time by supplying 240 volts of energy at a much higher amperage. From the previously indicated 22 hours to roughly 8 hours with a full charge.

Installing a 240 volt outlet with a dedicated circuit is necessary for Level 2 stations. Our team has years of experience installing all different kinds of EV chargers, and we are knowledgeable and skilled enough to make sure you can satisfy all of your EV charging needs at a fair price.