Interior & Exterior Lighting Installation in Calgary, Alberta

Calgary Electrician is ready to enhance the appeal of your house with everything from fashionable inside lighting fixtures to outside security lighting.

We take a creative and rational approach to each installation and replacement of any lighting fixture. We start by thoroughly examining your current system, which we then improve for the best possible appeal, quality, and performance. We find solutions that make environments for you and your family that are comfortable and pleasurable, specializing in both residential and commercial lighting.

Recessed Lights

Some of the most well-liked methods for enhancing lighting in your home are pot lights or recessed lighting. They don't require hanging lights or chandeliers because they are built to be embedded in the ceiling and blend in with the surroundings. The majority of pot lights are compatible with conventional lightbulb types like halogen, incandescent, and fluorescent. Pot lights are a simple and inexpensive lighting solution since they can be set up to be muted by remote control or switch and can typically be installed in a day or two.

Interior Shop Lighting

Led Lights

A cost-effective and energy-efficient option to improve the lighting in your home, office or shop is LED lighting, also known as light-emitting diode lighting. After installing LED lights, the majority of homes see an energy bill savings of close to 80%.

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting may be contemporary, classical, or vintage. To assist you in designing the room of your dreams, Calgary Electrician offers a wide range of accent lighting solutions. You may be creative with accent lighting, which is the best way to give a room personality, from lights around your kitchen area to exquisite chandelier fixtures above your dining table.

Electronic Ballasts

Installing an electrical ballast might be challenging and It is a wise decision to hire a professional. Our crew is well-equipped to access your ballasts and remove the current bulb in a secure manner. Then we swap it out for a fresh one and put up the security blinds once more. Keep in mind that even a slight bump might cause a ballast to explode, so consult a professional before attempting the removal yourself.

Outdoor / Landscape Lighting

Calgary Electrician team has skilled, qualified, and professional landscape lighting experts who can identify an existing issue and resolve it right away. We will work closely with you to develop any landscape lighting ideas you may have while installing a new system or adding to an existing system. We will also provide you our thoughts and designs to help distinguish your house or place of business. Upon request, we will be happy to give you references from some of our local clients.