New USB Type-C connection is set to replace Type-A in the near future

When it comes to connecting devices such as phones, tablets, external hard drives and laptops, the 4-pin USB-A connection has been the standard for quite some time. But the use of USB Type-C is on the rise and expected to become the new standard.

USB-C Charge Cable

USB-C advantages

USB-C has the compatibility to power a much broader range of equipment. This is possible because USB-C devices and cables with Power Delivery Specification will be able to power devices at up to 100 W. In addition to more power, data exchange rates are significantly higher with USB-C up to 10 Gbps. Also smaller connection size and reversible shape means that users won't need to keep flipping the connector over to find the right orientation.

Transitioning to USB-C

Even though USB Type-C connection is on track to become the new standard for charging and data transfer, it will take time for the market to fully manage the transition from the still commonly-used Type-A to Type-C connection.

Leviton USB Wall Outlet

With rising demand on new Type-C connection, Leviton brand launched a new USB integrated socket that has two vertical USB ports - one Type-C, one Type-A. It provides the USB-C port that can charge maximum 3 Amps 5V with 59% faster charging then USB-A port with 2.4 Amps 5V.

As a bonus, the installation of integrated socket is the same as the standard power outlet which makes life easier for electricians.

USB-C safety and durability

For example, new USB power outlet from Leviton includes smart chip technology that provide quick and optimum charging for each particular model of Apple, Samsung, Nexus, Pixel etc.

It meets the highest safety standards including Tamper-Resistant which improves child safety with built-in shutter that prevents access by most non-rated objects.

The USB Ports have longer lifespan with ability to withstand over 10,000 insertions.


The Installation of electrical outlet with integrated USB-C in your house will be a right choice, as mobile devices increase their capacity and become more power hungry. This electrical task requires the attention of certified electrician. Contact Calgary-Electrician.Ca !!! Now and We will provide professional installation of USB-C outlet at competitive rate!

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