Classification of light bulbs depends on their base, shape, and size.

There are a wide range of bulbs you can find in any local retail store, so be aware of which is which, can help you to avoid unnecessary costs.


A15 light is the most well-known genuine model. The A shape is the exemplary bulb shape that has been most normally utilized for lighting use. The number 15 that follows the letter demonstrates the diameter in inches, which is 15⁄8 in.

Light Bulb A-Series


The C series light bulbs refer to candle-shaped light bulbs, usually used in chandeliers or wall lamps in bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways. Like the one on the picture.

Light Bulb C-Series


The G light bulbs have spherical, golf ball shape.

Light Bulb G-Series


The R series are reflector or spotlight light bulbs utilized for directional, ceiling lighting.

Light Bulb R-Series


Picking the right base for light bulb is a vital. Each base relates to a specific holder where it will be totally compatible.

For example, if you find B13 abbreviation on the box it means a bayonet base is 13 mm in diameter. It is mostly used in chandeliers, fans and outdoor lights

Light Bulb Base B13

E26 base with 26 mm in diameter is used in ceiling and desk lamps, or floor lights.

Light Bulb Base E26

Prior to purchasing a bulb you might need to consider its colour temperature which is used for mood lighting, task lighting, or general lighting services. The standard white colour temperatures range from 2700K-3000K (Soft), 4000K (Bright), 6500K (Daylight). The K stands for Kelvin, which is used to measure the light's colour temperature.

Colour Temperature Range

LED bulbs use significantly less wattage but offer the same, light output as traditional bulbs. For example, The 5W LED Light bulb, on the picture, has an equivalent wattage of 40 Watt. This means that it produce the same light output as 40W and only uses 5W.

Led Light Bulb 4W

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